Pre-ordering involves the initial creation of sample pieces by a brand, showcasing unique and limited 1 of 1 designs.
This approach allows for the exploration of various colorways and provides customers with the opportunity to acquire desired quantities of stock.
Following the completion of the main design, our website opens for pre-Order on a certain date (ANNOUNCED AT THE TIME)  and closes after 4 or 5 days,(Otherwise the period stated) initiating the bulk order process from the manufacturer to produce all items.
Please note that this production process typically spans 2-5 weeks until products are manufactured and shipped to our SOULS RAIN Warehouse .
Should you place an order on a date , there is no cause for concern if your package is not dispatched within 2 Weeks.
However, if your package remains undelivered after 5 Weeks, please feel free to contact us for assistance.
All pre-orders are considered final, as they are custom-made to fulfill your specific order requests. Therefore, Souls Rain does not accept exchanges or refunds for pre-ordered items.